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Orbiloc Dual Safety Light
Das Orbiloc Safety Light duerfte eines der stabilsten und flexibelsten Sicherheitslichter fuer Hunde auf dem Markt sein. Dank einer superstarken LED ist es bis zu 5km weit sichtbar.
Orbiloc Safety Light

H2O4K9 Flasche
H20 for K9 bietet eine leichte, stabile Flasche aus rostfreiem Edelstahl mit einem integrierten Napf aus Kunststoff. Der Deckel ist ergonomisch so geformt, dass der Hund bequem aus ihm trinken kann. Nach dem Trinken laesst sich der Rest des Wassers leicht aus dem Napf wieder in die Flasche zurueckfuellen.
H2O4K9 Flasche

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Yemen: Border closure shuts down water, sewage systems, raising cholera risk

News release | With imports of fuel and other essential goods at a standstill for the past ten days, three Yemeni cities had to stop providing clean water in recent days, putting close to one million people at risk of a renewed cholera outbreak and other water-born Weiter lesen

Montag, 18.09.2017, 06:01

Ukraine: Lending a heart to detainees’ health

Article | Keeping in mind the high heart disease-related deaths in Ukraine’s prisons, a programme to allow for effective treatment of cardiac patients in detention. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 18.06.2017, 06:01

Pakistan: Stranded in Somalia, fishermen finally return home

Article | A fisherman himself, 88-year-old Jamal knew that the seas could be unpredictable. So, when his son Ali, who had left with six other fishermen, did not return around the expected date, Jamal did not immediately panic. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 18.03.2017, 06:01

Traineeship in Digital Marketing

Article | The post holder will work in the Digital Communication unit and provide assistance to the Digital Marketing Manager. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 17.09.2017, 21:01

Traineeship in the Learning & Development Division

Article | The Global LnD team contributes to the ICRC's operations by offering institutional learning and development paths which support all staff members to effectively and efficiently take on their present and future roles. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 17.09.2017, 06:01

Expert Meeting on Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems

Statement | The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) welcomes this first meeting of the Group of Governmental Experts on "Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems". Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 13.03.2018, 00:01

Meet the psychologist helping people heal in Ukraine

Video | Farhana Javid, a mental health delegate from India, counsels people suffering from distress caused by the conflict in Sloviansk,eastern Ukraine. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 16.09.2017, 21:01

Evacuations, a vital lifeline for gunshot wounded South Sudanese

Photo gallery | The ICRC evacuates weapon wounded people across South Sudan and brings them to hospitals so that they can receive medical care. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 15.06.2017, 15:01

Sahel: Security concerns obscuring five-country humanitarian emergency

News release | Dakar/Geneva (ICRC) – The precarious security situation in Africa's Sahel region is overshadowing a massive humanitarian crisis affecting 12 million people in five countries, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said today.Armed confli Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 14.02.2018, 21:01

Ukraine: Another winter on the frontline

News release | Kyiv (ICRC) – With cold weather approaching, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has increased its assistance to people still badly affected by the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine. Weiter lesen

Montag, 15.01.2018, 15:01

Nigeria: Capturing hope in the face of despair

Photo gallery | Life through the eyes of kids in Nigeria’s Prison Waterfront Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 14.11.2017, 21:01

Rwanda: Future lawyers square up in simulated war-crimes trial

News release | On 13th and 14th November 2017, law students from around the country will square up in the second National Moot Court Competition on the law governing armed conflict, known as the International Humanitarian Law (IHL).The competition will consist of f Weiter lesen

Montag, 14.08.2017, 21:01

Shaping the future of the world’s largest humanitarian movement

News release | A major conference has adopted a series of measures that will shape the efforts of the world's largest humanitarian movement to respond to the needs of people affected by crises. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 14.11.2017, 15:01

China: Afghan Wheelchair Basketball Team at 2017 IWBF Championships

Video | The Afghan National Wheelchair Basketball team, sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross, participated in the 2017 IWBF Asia Oceania Championships from Oct. 21st -29th, 2017 in Beijing. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 10.11.2017, 15:01

Georgia/Abkhazia: Homecoming for the missing, closure for their loved ones

Article | Ending two decades of uncertainty of some of the families of those missing in connection with the 1992–93 armed conflict in Abkhazia Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 09.05.2017, 15:01

Pains and Gains: Afghan Wheelchair Basketballers Roll beyond Bounds

Photo gallery | The Afghan National Wheelchair Basketball team, sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross, participated in the 2017 IWBF Asia Oceania Championships from Oct. 21st -29th, 2017 in Beijing. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 09.03.2017, 06:01

Humanity Knows No Borders: ICRC Participates in International Charity Sale

Photo gallery | The International Committee of the Red Cross participated in the 9th “Love Knows No Borders” International Charity Sale held in Beijing on 29 October 2017. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 09.02.2017, 21:01

Yemen: An urgent call to keep borders open for health, medical supplies

News release | Geneva/Sana'a (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is urgently calling for Yemen's air, sea and land borders to be kept open to allow vital humanitarian supplies to enter the country."Humanitarian supply lines to Yemen must re Weiter lesen

Montag, 17.07.2017, 06:01

Choosing humanity: new video and online game challenge us to confront how numb we have become to abuses to the rules of war

News release | Geneva (ICRC) - The ICRC this week launches a new phase in its public awareness campaign on the need and relevance of the laws of war.Today a hard-hitting video shockingly reminds us that in times of war, civilian casualties are the result of choices Weiter lesen

Freitag, 08.09.2017, 06:01

Life as a war surgeon in South Sudan

Article | Slobodan has been working with the ICRC since 2014 but still runs his own medical practice in Serbia. Born in 1967, he's a keen marathon runner and has long practised meditation. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 08.06.2017, 06:01

Malaysia: IHL comes alive at 3rd IHL Role Play Competition

Article | For three days, 13 teams from eight universities tested their knowledge of international humanitarian law (IHL) in fictional armed conflict and other scenarios put together during the 3rd IHL Role Play Competition. Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 08.03.2017, 21:01

Scaling up the humanitarian response in Bangladesh

Video | Since August 2017, more than 600.000 people have crossed into Bangladesh from Myanmar fleeing violence in Rakhine State. After walking for several days or taking a boat, they often arrive exhausted and traumatized in the camps in Cox's Bazar. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 07.03.2017, 15:01

My message to the Movement: It’s time to awaken the giant.

Article | In a world where faith in institutions is rapidly evaporating, great trust is placed in our hands: in the symbols of the red cross and red crescent and in the neutral, impartial, independent humanitarian action that brings them to life. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 06.10.2017, 00:01

Al-Bironey: "I felt that I hadn’t seen Khartoum in 100 years"

Video | A Sudanese ex-detainee held by an armed group speaks about his experience. Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 07.06.2017, 21:01

Central African Republic: ICRC condemns killing of staff member

News release | Bangui/Geneva (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is shocked and saddened by the killing of one of its staff in the Central African Republic. Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 17.05.2017, 06:01

Working for the ICRC: Forensic specialist

Video | People go missing during wars, natural disasters and migration. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 17.03.2017, 00:01

ICRC hands over 3 physical rehab centres to Indus Hospital Network

Article | Three years after they were set up, three physical rehabilitation centres have been handed over to the Indus Hospital Network by the ICRC. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 04.08.2017, 21:01

Marawi’s returnees: Health care and safe water top priority

News release | Manila (ICRC) – Thousands of displaced residents of Marawi City started their journey home earlier this week, several days after the government officially declared the end of armed clashes between its forces and IS Ranao fighters.Five months of confl Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 04.07.2017, 21:01

“In death, people should still be treated with dignity”

Article | Death is not something you ever get used to. At least that's what Ángel Medina believes. Weiter lesen

Montag, 20.02.2017, 21:01

Refugees, returnees and displaced persons: ICRC statement to the United Nations, 2017

Statement | General Debate on the Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, questions relating to refugees, returnees, and displaced persons and humanitarian questions. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 17.02.2017, 06:01

Ten must-see films and series for IHL buffs

Article | Armed conflicts have given rise to countless stories that have inspired the arts world. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 16.02.2017, 21:01

IHL resources for media professionals

Article | By knowing and referencing IHL, journalists not only enhance their reporting and foster better safety for themselves on the ground, but they also promote a better understanding of armed conflict situations, humanitarian crises, and the work done by t Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 14.02.2017, 00:01

Myanmar: Law and order, community trust needed to overcome humanitarian crisis

Statement | Statement by Dominik Stillhart, director of global operations for the ICRC, on the humanitarian situation in Myanmar. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 02.09.2017, 15:01

A vital assist for Ethiopia’s wheelchair basketball

Photo gallery | The ICRC and Ethiopian Basketball Federation held a 10-day wheelchair basketball training. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 03.08.2017, 06:01

Lost and displaced: Families in Bangladesh look for answers

Photo gallery | In images: The pain, misery and suffering endured by the people fleeing violence in Myanmar and coming to Bangladesh. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 02.07.2017, 00:01

Fiji: The Pacific Islands Roundtable on International Humanitarian Law

Photo gallery | The Pacific is today one of the world's most peaceful populated regions. The Second World War, and even the civil conflicts in the Solomon Islands and Bougainville, seem long gone. Weiter lesen

Montag, 03.04.2017, 06:01

Traineeship in the Trends, Research, Analysis & Knowledge Unit

Article | The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and other situations of violence and, to provide them with assi Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 15.01.2017, 21:01

Stage au sein des Archives Publiques

Article | This job description is only available in French. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 15.01.2017, 06:01

Stage au sein de la Bibliothèque

Article | This job description is only available in French. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 14.01.2017, 15:01

Traineeship in Law and Policy Forum (Academic Sector)

Article | The Law and Policy Forum (DP_FORUM) brings together ICRC's various training and outreach capacities in humanitarian law, policy and action, with a view to promote IHL and other relevant norms, and to influence key actors and decision-makers on humani Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 02.11.2017, 21:01

Hotline: Assistance for journalists on dangerous assignments

Article | Journalists on dangerous assignments who find themselves in need of urgent humanitarian assistance can call or text our dedicated, 24/7 hotline: +41 79 217 32 85, or contact the nearest ICRC office. Weiter lesen

Montag, 02.10.2017, 06:01

The protection of journalists & the ICRC hotline - FAQ

Article | Media professionals reporting on armed conflict situations or other situations of violence continue to pay a steep price for the risks associated with their work. How are they protected under international humanitarian law? Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 01.10.2017, 00:01

Red Rose: The tech behind our humanitarian assistance in Nigeria

Article | This software is helping us improve our delivery of assistance to thousands of households in Nigeria. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 02.05.2017, 21:01

Focus on the humanitarian crisis in the Sahel

Article | ICRC Deputy Regional Director for Africa called on states to put the humanitarian crisis in Sahel at the forefront of their concerns. Weiter lesen

Montag, 01.05.2017, 00:01

Global gathering to shape future of world’s largest humanitarian movement

News release | The leaders of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement will gather next week in Antalya, Turkey, for a series of meetings that will shape the future of the world's largest humanitarian movement.The Statutory Meetings of the Internationa Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 16.07.2019, 06:01

Where is the urgency to bring attacks on healthcare to an end?

Article | Since my last briefing, brutal attacks have continued, unabated, against the wounded and sick, medical care providers, ambulances and health care facilities.We are at risk of creating a 'new normal': too many actors are legitimizing attacks as "colla Weiter lesen

Samstag, 02.12.2017, 06:01

China: ICRC’s First Ever Attendance at Canton Fair

Photo gallery | At the invitation of China Association for Promoting UN Procurement and China Foreign Trade Centre, the ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia for the first time attended the 122nd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair). Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 02.05.2017, 06:01

Protection of cultural property - Questions & answers

Article | Why should we worry about attacks on cultural property in armed conflict?The effects of war and conflict are felt in ways far beyond the immediate tangible tragedies that we are so familiar with. Weiter lesen

Montag, 17.06.2019, 21:01

Athens conference to mark 40th anniversary of 1977 Protocols additional to Geneva Conventions of 1949

News release | To mark the 40th anniversary of the Additional Protocols, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Panteion University and the ΙCRC in Greece are organizing a conference Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 31.10.2017, 21:01

Attacks on our cultural property are attacks on our humanity

Article | Historic monuments, works of art and archaeological sites – known as cultural property – are protected by the rules of war. Attacks against them are so much more than the destruction of bricks, wood or mortar. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 31.10.2017, 06:01

Int'l organizations expect to buy more Chinese products

Article | The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has increased purchases from Chinese businesses from 7 million U.S. dollars in 2013 to 20 million U.S. dollars in 2016, according to an ICRC official at the Canton Fair. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 30.05.2017, 00:01

Life after losing a limb

Video | During the Lebanese armed conflict, Ali lost a leg and an arm, while Qassem lost both legs. However, their will to live was stronger than their traumatic experience. Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 15.05.2019, 15:01

Mogadishu attack emergency response

Article | A detailed infographic of the ICRC and SRCS response following the bomb blast in Mogadishu, Somalia. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 28.11.2017, 21:03

Peacekeeping operations: ICRC statement to the United Nations, 2017

Statement | Statement by the ICRC to the United Nations General Assembly, 72nd session, Fourth Committee, item 55 of the agenda. General debate on the comprehensive review of the whole question of peacekeeping operations in all their aspects. Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 27.09.2017, 15:03

Nigeria: Conflict and prolonged displacement continue to affect millions of people

Article | A full report of the ICRC's work in Nigeria between January and September 2017. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 28.05.2017, 21:03

Ethiopia: Wheelchair basketball expert helps Ethiopian players, coaches advance

Article | The ICRC partnered with the Ethiopian Basketball Federation for a 10-day training for players, coaches, referees, and classifiers of wheelchair basketball. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 28.05.2017, 06:03

Rakhine, Myanmar: Tens of thousands helped despite challenges

Article | The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has reached out to over 40,000 people in Rakhine since violence broke out there on 25 August. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 28.04.2017, 06:03

Traineeship in the Data Protection/Privacy Office

Article | Following the adoption by the Directorate of the ICRC Rules on Personal Data Protection (the Rules) on 24 February 2015, the ICRC established a Data Protection Office to ensure the effective application of the Rules as well as the exercise of individ Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 26.09.2017, 15:03

Jamaica: Education to reduce the impact of violence

Photo gallery | In images: How the ICRC is supporting the Jamaica Red Cross in its efforts to facilitate their access to education through the two schools it runs. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 17.01.2019, 06:03

Nexus Thinking in Humanitarian Policy: How does Everything Fit Together on the Ground?

Statement | Keynote Address by Dr Hugo Slim to the World Food Programme (WFP) Annual Partnership Consultations. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 25.11.2017, 15:03

Our work in Azerbaijan between January and June 2017

Article | Supporting people affected by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflictThe Nagorno-Karabakh conflict continues to affect lives of people in frontline communities. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 18.12.2018, 06:03

Egypt: Continuous humanitarian dialogue between the ICRC and Al-Azhar

News release | Cairo (ICRC) – On the 11th of October 2017, the head of the ICRC Cairo delegation, Ronald Ofteringer, and the legal advisor on Islamic law and jurisprudence Dr Ahmed al-Dawoody met with Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 15.12.2018, 00:03

Traineeship for Law and Policy Outreach

Article | Purpose of the post:The Law and Policy Forum (DP_FORUM) brings together ICRC's various training and dissemination capacities in humanitarian law, policy and action, with a view to promote IHL and other relevant norms, and to influence key actors and Weiter lesen

Samstag, 25.11.2017, 06:03

Malaysia: 14th National IHL Moot Court Competition

Article | Since 2004, the ICRC Kuala Lumpur has been organizing the National IHL Moot Court Competition in partnership with a prestigious local university. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 24.06.2017, 15:03

Online training on the Law of Armed Conflict for non-State actors

Article | This video series is an adapted version of an online training kit on the law of armed conflict designed for armed groups in the Middle East. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 17.11.2018, 15:03

Conduct of hostilities: challenges in contemporary armed conflicts

Article | Speech delivered by ICRC President Peter Maurer at the Senior Workshop on International Rules governing Military Operations (SWIRMO). Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 20.12.2017, 15:03

Authorities must step up efforts to find missing persons and fulfil their international obligations

News release | Families of missing persons have the right to know what happened to their relatives, and authorities have a duty to provide them with answers. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 21.09.2017, 21:03

ICRC director-general voices concern about missing persons as he visits Belgrade

News release | Belgrade (ICRC) – In the first visit to Serbia by high-level officials from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) since 2001, ICRC Director-General Yves Daccord voiced concern about the slowdown in the process of ascertaining the fate o Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 18.07.2018, 15:03

The 13th Joint AU-ICRC Seminar Held Under the Theme of 'Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism, and International Humanitarian Law'

Article | The Commission of the African Union (AU) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) convened the joint seminar on International Humanitarian Law (IHL) at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, on 13 October 2017.The 13th edition of the semi Weiter lesen

Freitag, 13.07.2018, 00:03

Guiding principles concerning the status and methods of operation of national bodies for the implementation of international humanitarian law

Article | Guiding principles concerning the status and methods of operation of national bodies for the implementation of international humanitarian law Weiter lesen

Samstag, 16.06.2018, 21:03

The critical challenges of migration and displacement

Statement | Of the 65 million people displaced by violence and war, just over 20 million are refugees, while the remaining majority are displaced in their own countries, often more than once. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 19.11.2017, 21:03

Rakhine, Myanmar crisis: Lives shattered, needs urgent

Photo gallery | Rakhine is the poorest state in Myanmar, and one that has been badly hit over the years, by violence and other disasters such as flooding.The current outbreaks of violence have forced over 500,000 people to flee the state and cross over to neighbouri Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 18.06.2017, 00:03

Young photographers from Gaza capture moments of joy

Photo gallery | How do young Gazans see themselves despite the conflict raging through their homeland? A photography competition tries to answer that through images Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 16.05.2018, 06:03

E-briefing: Generating respect for the law

Article | Caption: Chocó Department. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 15.05.2018, 00:03

Papua New Guinea: Volunteers trained to give first aid to remote communities

News release | Bougainville (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is supporting volunteers from the PNG Red Cross Society (PNGRCS) to attend a week-long First Aid training of trainers currently running in Buka, Bougainville.The training inclu Weiter lesen

Montag, 14.05.2018, 21:03

Ethiopia: Cries of joy after abducted child reunites with parents

Article | As part of our efforts to restore family links, we helped to reunite 5-year-old Biniyam with his parents after he was abducted. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 18.08.2017, 21:03

Somalia: Urgent medical supplies reach hospitals for bomb blast victims

News release | Mogadishu/Nairobi (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) have been responding to urgent needs following Saturday's explosion in Mogadishu. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 17.04.2018, 21:03

Nigeria: “Life will never be as it used to be before”

Article | Despite rebuilding efforts across Adamawa state in North east Nigeria, the conflict that forced millions of people to flee their homes is far from over. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 14.04.2018, 15:03

Remains of victims of 1992–93 armed conflict in Abkhazia handed over to families

News release | The remains of 25 people who went missing in connection with the 1992–93 armed conflict in Abkhazia were handed over to their families today. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 17.10.2017, 21:03

Ethiopian student wins international humanitarian law essay competition

Article | Rahel received a certificate and prize from the head of the ICRC delegation in Ethiopia, James Reynolds. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 17.10.2017, 06:03

Kenya: Protection and assistance for internally displaced persons

Article | IGAD and the ICRC held its second Seminar on the Kampala Convention, focusing on the protection and assistance of IDPs in Africa. Weiter lesen

Montag, 16.10.2017, 15:03

Future humanitarians: Working with Indonesia’s Islamic education community

Article | Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world, said the late Nelson Mandela. Weiter lesen

Montag, 17.04.2017, 21:03

Somalia: SRCS volunteers among the casualties of attack in Mogadishu

News release | Mogadishu/Nairobi – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) mourn the loss of life of four SRCS volunteers killed amongst many others killed and wounded following the huge explosion that detonate Weiter lesen

Samstag, 16.09.2017, 06:03

Mexico: 11th edition of the Senior Workshop on International Rules Governing Military Operations (SWIRMO)

Article | From October 16 to 21, 2017, Mexico will host the 11th edition of the Senior Workshop on International Rules governing Military Operations (SWIRMO). Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 14.02.2017, 00:03

Mexico: Senior Workshop On International Rules Governing Military Operations (SWIRMO)

Article | For the past ten years the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has conducted the Senior Workshop on International Rules governing Military Operations (SWIRMO). Weiter lesen

Samstag, 14.01.2017, 00:03

South Sudan: Responding to the most urgent needs in 2017

Article | Between January and September, we provided humanitarian assistance to hundreds of thousands of people in South Sudan. Weiter lesen

Samstag, 13.01.2018, 00:03

The scope and application of the principle of universal jurisdiction: ICRC statement to the United Nations, 2017

Statement | United Nations, General Assembly, 72nd session, Sixth Committee, item 85 of the agenda, statement by the ICRC, New York, October 2017. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 14.11.2017, 21:03

Rwanda: Helping Burundian refugees reconnect with their families

Article | The ICRC is providing SIM cards to thousands of Burundian refugees in Rwanda to help them reconnect with their families. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 12.09.2017, 15:03

How to use social media to engage with people affected by crisis

News release | The ICRC and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), with support from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), have published a brief guide on how to use social media to bett Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 15.11.2017, 06:03

DRC: Millions displaced and at risk from stark rise in violence

News release | Kinshasa (ICRC) - Violence and repeated armed clashes in several provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are causing alarming levels of human suffering. Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 11.10.2017, 15:03

Council of Delegates 2017

Article | The 2017 Council of Delegates will take place from 10 to 11 November 2017 in Turkey. It will gather 190 Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, the ICRC and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 15.10.2017, 00:03

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, new violence leads to even more displacement

Article | The Democratic Republic of the Congo is Africa's second largest country, rich in mineral wealth. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 15.10.2017, 00:03

Weapons: Statement of the ICRC to the United Nations, 2017

Statement | United Nations General Assembly, 72nd session, First Committee, General debate on all disarmament and international security agenda items. Statement by the ICRC. Weiter lesen

Sonntag, 10.09.2017, 00:03

PehlayZindagi: ICRC campaign on right of way and respect for ambulances

Article | Islamabad (ICRC) – A nationwide public awareness campaign entitled PehlayZindagi: Give Way to Ambulances – Give Way to Life has been launched at a ceremony in Islamabad. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 10.11.2017, 06:03

Afghanistan: ICRC reduces its presence in the country

News release | After a series of attacks on its staff, the ICRC has taken the decision to reduce its presence in Afghanistan. Weiter lesen

Donnerstag, 10.08.2017, 21:03

Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital gains innovative nursing skills lab

Article | Nurse Rehana Rehman has been taking care of the grievously sick patients at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar for over 20 years now. Weiter lesen

Freitag, 09.06.2017, 15:03

Responding to the Marawi crisis, four months on

Infographic | From the start of the armed clashes in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, on 23 May 2017, the ICRC teams have been on the ground to engage with relevant stakeholders, and to protect and assist civilians affected by the fighting.By the end of September, the Weiter lesen

Mittwoch, 06.09.2017, 00:03

Panama: Harnessing the potential of prison waste

Article | In Panama, EcoSólidos, a waste recycling programme, has come to the rescue of the detainees in the prison of La Joyita. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 06.12.2016, 00:03

Activities of the ICRC in Venezuela and Venezuelan Red Cross

Article | The Regional Delegation of the ICRC for Venezuela and the CARICOM States carries out its activities since the 1970s, following its principles of neutrality, impartiality and independence. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 16.05.2017, 21:03

Syria: Harrowing civilian losses in most intense violence since battle for Eastern Aleppo

News release | As several regions throughout Syria are witnessing the worst fighting of the year, the ICRC is alarmed by reports of hundreds of civilian casualties and the destruction of hospitals and schools. Weiter lesen

Dienstag, 05.12.2017, 15:03